Adding Your City to the List
To make sure we don't post fake events on this site, we screen all submissions for legitimacy and duplicates. The first thing you should do is e-mail submit (at) pillowfightday (dot) com and please be as specific as possible. Please mention if you have organized any similar events before, and make sure you have checked to see if any other group is thinking about submitting one in your city, as well :) That's it! If you want to learn how to organize a massive pillow fight, check out the howto guide.

Website Bugs, Broken Links and Tech Issues
To contact the webmaster, e-mail nyc (at) pillowfightday (dot) com

For All Other Inquiries, Including Media
Please use the event index to contact the host of the event you are interested in. There is really nobody who can speak for the whole world, so you are best off asking your local host to offer some perspective on International Pillow Fight Day :) For a statement about the Urban Playground Movement in general, check out about us.